FermWrap Heater

FermWrap Heater


The FermWrap is the perfect heating companion to the Fermostat.  This will evenly heat your fermenting beer with direct heat.  Just tape this heater to the outside of your fermenter and plug into the 'heat' outlet port of your Fermostat. We also recommend reading the temperature directly with a thermowell probe.

Creates 40 watts of direct heat spread over the surface of your fermenter, providing gentle even heating. Draws 40 watts. 115V. (11" tall x 25" wide)

This is the original FermWrap(TM) manufactured and wired by Fermentap in the USA. Be aware there are now some imitations being sold coming from China that have the electrical wire connections, where the cord meets the heat wrap, sealed with silicone. The FermWrap uses the proper electrical clip connections which are safer and will last longer.

**Item does not include carboy as pictured.

$ 29.95