Fermostat® - Refurbished

Fermostat® - Refurbished


Admit it...we've all been used once or twice by someone in your life, but that doesn't make you any lesser of person! Well, we feel the same way about our refurbished Fermostats. So what if someone has loved it before you, that doesn't mean you can't love it too!

We happen to have some refurbished units available for resale. These Fermostats have been refurbished back to factory specifications. There maybe an occasional scratch or dent here and there, but they are backed by the same warranty as new Fermostats.

If you would like more details or images of your "new" device, please feel free to send an email and you can verify you are OK with any blemishes before shipment.

Fermostat® User's Manual

Fermostat® Diagram


$ 119.00 $ 159.00